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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques™)

This is a wonderful technique for removing the negative emotions that limit our success.  Using this technique, you can gain the emotional freedom to truly pursue being, doing and having what you really want in life.

EFT is a meridian-based energy therapy developed by Gary Craig from the landmark discoveries of Dr. Roger Callahan. It is a simple technique that often provides rapid relief from physical-emotional issues
(e.g. Trauma, PTSD, Phobias, Grief, Anger, Guilt, Anxiety, Addictive Cravings, Nightmares, Abandonment, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Flying, Love Pain, Depression, Pain, Headaches and much more). What follows is a brief introduction to this remarkable technique.  For further information, including the EFT Manual and case-histories, please visit www.emofree.com.

In 1980 Dr. Callahan was working with a patient, Mary, for an intense water phobia. She suffered from frequent headaches and terrifying nightmares, both of which were related to her fear of water. To seek help, she had been going from therapist to therapist for years....with no material improvement.  Dr. Callahan tried to help her by conventional means for a year and a half. He didn't make much headway either.

Then one day he stepped outside the normal "boundaries" of psychotherapy. Out of curiosity, he had been studying the body's energy system and decided to tap with his fingertips under her eyes (an end point of the stomach meridian). This was prompted by her complaint of some stomach discomfort.

To his astonishment, she announced immediately that her phobia was gone and she raced down to a nearby swimming pool and began throwing water in her face. No fear. No headaches.
It all went away....including the nightmares. And it has never returned.  She is totally free of her water phobia. This incident lead to what is called the Discovery Statement:

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."

Dr. Callahan has since refined and expanded his findings to a series of related routines. They encompass nearly every area of emotional improvement imaginable....from phobias to panic disorders to sports performance.  And, along the way, he has also applied these techniques to physical problems and addictive cravings with notable success.

EFT is based on all these procedures. Gary Craig, a Stanford-trained engineer, reduced years of diligent research and endless trial and error to one practical procedure that is described here in brief.

Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage. Neither Gary Craig nor the creators of this site are licensed health practitioners, and certain issues should be addressed by such professionals.  You must take complete responsibility for your physical and emotional well-being, and you must agree to hold harmless anyone involved with EFT from any claims made by anyone whom you seek to help with EFT.

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