About TIG

Tapping Into God is an integration of the Twelve Steps with cutting-edge energy therapies.  The purpose is to use these tools to clear away those things which stand between you and a greater connection to your Higher Power.

It should be quite exciting…  ;)

The process is simple--follow the Twelve Steps, and use EFT to support you along the way--both in reducing cravings, but also in clearing the negative emotional charges that come up along the way.  If you find yourself getting stuck in the Steps, there is resistance--which is a tappable issue.  The Steps need not be torturous--although at times they may be painful.  That's okay--feel the pain--but suffering is optional.

There are two questions different groups may ask:

Do the Twelve Steps need energy therapy?

Granted, the Steps have helped millions find not only sobriety but also a quality of life they might never have imagined since the program began in the 30s.  But there are many who struggle to work the Steps, and many who find themselves unable to keep with the program. The courage and honesty it demands is can be very uncomfortable.  Energy therapies can ease that discomfort.   Energy therapies were not around when Bill W. and Dr. Bob got together.  In fact, they are still relatively unknown.  But they are a way of using the body's natural resources for achieving balance--which not only reduces cravings, but takes away the emotional charge form past events which have lead to the separation form one's Higher Power.  The stated purpose of the Twelve Steps is to help people achieve sobriety--so it is our contention that something which helps is not only appropriate but also desirable.  The intention of Tapping Into God is not to move in on the territory of the Steps, or to bring these techniques into the meetings. Rather, this is intended as an outside resource.

Do energy therapies need the Twelve Steps?

There are those who would say that energy therapies are all that you need to cure addictions--or almost any other issue.  In the hands of a great therapist, that may be true.  And it is suggested that once a person has cleared all their issues with energy therapies, they will naturally regain their connection to their Higher Power.  The Twelve Steps, however, are a time-proven course that provide a simple path for people to follow.  The Fourth Step, in particular, is an excellent tool for discovering treatable issues.  It seems only logical to take a program which has already been shown to be an effective tool for recovery and use it as the framework for using these powerful techniques.  And if we expect to find a Higher Power at the end, why not seek Him/Her out to begin with to help us get there faster…?

The use of meetings is also beneficial in continuing to monitor progress, as well as a source of fellowship.

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